In the event that buyer can no longer care for said dog, Buyer agrees to contact seller immediately so they can assist in finding a suitable home.

If being purchased on LIMITED registration (NOT intended for breeding)
and is not already sterilized buyer(s) agrees to have the proper surgery completed no later than 6 months of age. NO registration papers are given for pet quality pups.

Seller offers buyer full opportunity to take their new pet to a vetinarian of their choice with in 72 hrs of the date of purchase. If no exam is performed with in 72 hrs of purchase said guarantee becomes NULL and VOID.

Seller does NOT pay vet expenses of any kind.

We are not liable for any internal or external parasites including but not limited to ear mites, fleas etc these are all common things that can plaque any animal at any time. (To the best of sellers Terry & Lisa Woodyard  knowledge dog/pup is free of  all parasites at time of purchase.) 

If dog received their vet exam within the 72 hrs as stated above, and this guarantee has been signed and RETURNED to seller with in 10 business days of purchase date said dog is guaranteed for 1yr against any LIFE THREATENING CONGENITAL DEFECTS. We DO NOT guarantee against - eye, skin, ear, knee, elbow, or hip issues. NOR do we guarantee against - HYPOGLYCEMIA!

If said dog is found to be sick with a LIFE THREATENING CONGENITAL defect by a licensed veterinarian that the buyer(s) were not made aware of at time of purchase, We reserve the right to have our veterinarian have the final determination on the diagnosis. 

If in the event that it is determined that said dog does infact have a life threatening defect with in 1 yr of purchase, We agree to replace dog with one of equal value (same sex, dollar value) NO cash refunds are given - NO Exceptions!!

If the only replacement dog available at the time is of a higher value buyer(s) may pay the difference or reserve their right to wait for another litter to arrive for their replacement, (Seller's have up to one year to produce a replacement puppy.)

Before replacement will be given the original paper work must be returned to us.

In a case where the dog has become deceased with in 21yr of purchase there must be a necropsy preformed by a licensed vet. A copy of any and all findings must be received by Terry & Lisa Woodyard and our own vet before it is determined if a replacement is justified.

If a replacement dog is due it is the sole responsibility of buyer(s) to pay for any and all travel / delivery costs on the replacements arrival.

We DO NOT guarantee against any illness that was contracted after leaving our home.

Buyer(s) agrees to use "Praygein" in the registered name of said dog, In not doing so this contract / guarantee becomes NULL and VOID.

It is understood that this is a legal and binding contract / agreement between 
buyer(s) and seller Terry & Lisa Woodyard.

If a dispute should arise all court proceedings will be held in Louisa County at the Louisa County court house in Wapello, Iowa.

By signing below buyer(s) state that they have read , uderstand, and agree to all terms of this purchase agreement / health guarantee.

BUYER(S) SIGNATURE________________________________________

SELLER(S) SIGNATURE_______________________________________

DATE OF PURCHASE_________________________________________

Dam____________________         Sire_______________________ 

sex_____________________          Color/ Markings___________________

Date Whelped_____________        Purchase Price___________________

Schnauzer____________________      Shar Pei________________________

Full Registration________                    NO Registration______ (Not intended for breeding